California Dreaming explores the unusual town of California City, CA. It is the third- largest city by area in the state of California, though only about 14,000 people live there today. It was grandiosely conceived in the 1950s as a new metropolis to rival Los Angeles, a mere two hours south, though nowadays California City is just a small town within a much larger ghost town in the High Mojave Desert.

Year: 2019
Original language : English with some dialogues in Spanish
Subtitles available : English (for the dialogues in Spanish), French, French-English
Running time: 105 min
Director: Fabrizio Maltese
Producers: Claude Waringo (Samsa Film)
CoProducers: Joli Rideau Media (Luxembourg), Melusine Productions (Luxembourg)
Cast: Jean-Paul LeBlanc, Mary-Ann LeBlanc, Jennifer Wood, Norm Hill, Vic Carmona, Brenda Daverin, Richard Daverin, Carolinda Batiste, Ron Fleming